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Introduction of Product

It is a nail file make by Nano-technology applied glass nail file emery. It removes the dead layer from the fingernail. Glass nail file it removes the dead layer gorgeous and elegant. and is a glass polish for the friend of the environment.


Product characteristics and comparison with other products

□ Remove bacteria from the surface layer of the nails. Such a layer was found by scientists to have the most bacteria in the body.

□ In some countries, cannot be used nail polish for religious reasons.

□ The nail is rough. After using the cradle nail, the nail surface is brilliant, soft, neat, and tender.

□ You can not wear nail polish for pregnancy.

□ When you want to shine your nails, you do not need to use chemicals (manicure) and you can use Glass nail shiner (Glitter nail) naturally, brilliantly and smoothly.

□ Pregnant women and children can not wear nail polish but can use Glass Nail shiner from 3 years old.

□Dust-free Nail Shiner. The Glitter Nail Shiner is a dust free tool, so you can take care of your nails in a very clean way.

□Made in Korea . Every manufacturing process is done in South Korea.

□Environment-friendly glass. The high quality of glass prevents the tool from wearing out quickly making it last for a long period of time.

□Exposy adhesive. This product uses the Epoxy: even if it breaks,the pieces remain together, which makes this a safe product to use.

□Anyone can use this product. Pregnant women, babies, students, teachers, beauty salon staff, cooks, nurses, etc. Any person of any age or gender can use this product.

□Anytime~ Anywhere! You can store the Glitter Nail Shiner in a luxurious leather pouch(PU) and use it anywhere anytime!

□Can be washed with water.

□The Glitter Nail Shiner lets the nail ‘breathe’ which makes the nail healthy.

□The Glitter Nail Shiner emphasizes on your nail’s natural pink color and makes even the hardest places to reach shine.

□Revives the natural beauty of the nail immediately.

□Makes the original color of the nail shine wonderfully.

□Epoxy sticker. Epoxy sticker is attached, so it does not splash when broken.

□ You can stay for more than 12 months.

□ End your nails in 15 seconds.

□Takes care of your nails with one simple step. The existing 3~6 stage process that uses a rough buffer can be replaced by this fast and simple one-stage process.


Glitter Nail

Other Polishers



1 step

3-6 step

1 step


Low (5-10 min.)

High (30 - 60 min.)

Low (10 min.)





Lasting Period

15-20 days (Long)

2-3 days (Short)

10 days (Middle)


Easy (water)

Difficult (1 time use)


For your Health

Very Good


Very Bad

Period of Use

12 month

1 month

12 month


Tempered Glass





How to Use

1. Use this product on the naked nail only.

2. Place the rough side on  your nail’s surface and move it smoothly side by side.

3. While clearing the nails surface tidy the nails to make them shine.

4. After use, you can clean the Glitter Nail with water or alcohol.



1. Do not twist or bend the product. In the case it gets damaged, cease its use immediately.

2. Store the product in a place out of the reach of children.

3. Do not use this tool on other places other than the surface of the nail.

4. Excessive use of this product can be hard on the nail.

5. In the case the nail breaks or the nails condition is not good, cease use.

* We are not responsible for any injuries or any other types of accidents that may occur for the misuse of  this product so please use the product with care.

Nano Glass Nail Shine Buffer Glass Nail file for Natural

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